Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Four: Walton to Once Brewed

Let's see...I think it rained again last night.  Again.


The manor house is still standing up (a.k.a., Homophobic manor). The women who slept in the "barracks" are all dry.  The morning mist on the horizon outside of the tent is beautiful as it slowly lifts, revealing the beauty all around us.

Breakfast was the usual: buns and bangers, but it tasted great; same with lunch: same old, same old, but it tasted great.  I love the sprouts, white cheese, tomatoes, lunch meat, bottled ginger soda, a Snickers bar, cookie, trail mix, apple/banana (or both).

Today's pilgrimage route was the longest!  We walked 17 miles, primarily uphill most of the way, hitting the first marker/small obelisk that marks the highest point.  Tomorrow we would hit three similar markers that dot the pilgrimage trail.  Haltwhistle was a national heritage site, showing remains of a castle and parts of Hadrian's Wall, which are usually built on top of one another.

What was amazing today was that the climb upward actually helped our groups (two at this point) coalesce into a real group of pilgrims!  The physical challenge provided the "glue" that helped us bind together.  There was nothing like the exhilaration of walking down to Once Brewed village, home to the pub Twice Brewed. It was exciting!

Buen Camino!


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