Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Six: Chollerford to Wylam (outside of Newcastle)

We started off further down the path from Chollerford, by St. Oswald Church, standing alone in a field. We were totally dependent upon the symbol of Hadrian's Wall, the Wall itself becoming invisible. It more or less stopped existing, though once upon a time it stretched across the land. We were in awe of the grape seed fields, seen close and far away.

The group of pilgrims, well, they exist.  We were not a group of pilgrims, but now we are pilgrims on the way to Wylam. Chesley, one of the pilgrims, had sprained her knee enough that she needed a ride to the train station for the last few miles.  But if that were the only injury, we did well.

No more rain; sun above; spirit of pilgrims was grand.

Sadness was coming to the train station in Wylam (outside of Newcastle) and saying good bye to Gary and Tracey and loading everything on the train to Edinburgh in order to get to Glasgow for the night.

While it was the end of the physical pilgrimage, the pilgrimage itself of these young people goes forward.

The train ride was grand from Glasgow.  We sat with a young woman who is into fashion in London, visiting her folks, though the whole family is from Iran originally.  The students were sleeping and eating all the way to Glasgow.

The best part of Glasgow was showing up at the Best Western, which is high end in Glasgow (though 40 pounds!).  I was sent to a pub, the Giffin, where I had a dram of a nice local single malt Scotch whiskey. John joined me there for a night cap as well. 

Buen camino!


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