Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PIlgrimage Along Hadrian's Wall

I'm posting some reflections from the latest pilgrimage of the School of the Pilgrim across Hadrian's Wall.  To say the least, it was exceptional..short of extraordinary.

The pilgrimage was sponsored by the Presbyterian Campus Ministry of UNC-CH.  I worked with John Rogers--their pastor--for around a year in order to get this pilgrimage together. John looked on line and found the group www.hadrianswall.ltd.uk, which is Tracy and Gary, a couple who do pilgrimages along the wall for the last few years.  They set up the tents and strike them down, and fed us breakfast and lunch. AND they took all our "stuff" from one emcampment to the next.  Fantastic!

Words to describe this pilgrimage? Awesome; wonderful; unexpected thrill; steady; wet; sunny; rigorous, easy; mind-numbing; expanding; mysterious; wondrous; daunting; drudgery; satisfying; a notch in my belt or shoes...

While I was on pilgrimage in the UK, my brothers and sisters were getting ready for their grueling walk to Chimayo in northern NM. I want to expand my opportunities of pilgrimage, not diminish them or make it isolated to one trek.

So I will chronicle the walk on this blog site, one day at a time...with pics!

Buen camino!


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